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Spiral potatoes - start your own business - make money

Twirled spiral potato and spiral potato twirl cutter

1st off - What is a spiral potato twirl?

Take a normal potato, put a bamboo or wooden skewer through the middel of it, insert into the potato cutter and turn the handle. Once the potato exit on the other side, it is cut into one continuous twirl. Take the twirled potoato and deep fry it.

Springle some of your favourite dry spices onto the deep fried chip and enjoy/sell.

How to order

We manufacture the stainless steel/aliminium potato cutters that make the potatoes on a stick that you see in the photo.

To order one, or to ask any questions you might have, please
email us: - (Info/Order from


South Africa

South Africa - Local - R999 + R69 (Postage and Insurance)


International - rest of the world

International - orders (Please go here for more info regarding your country)




Solution for 1st timers:

Buy 1 spiral potato twirl cutter. Create your brand. Do festivals/functions....
Get 1 more and double your spiral twirl business. etc..